The major mistake many people do while planning for body transformation programme is that they are not realistic. It is true that a celebrity physique from a super hit movie or fitness model pose in the cover page of a health magazine might have inspired you but to remind you, that’s not happened overnight. Neither genetics will help you to wake up at 5AM morning and do a cardio session or an evening weight training session after a long office hours. It requires a deep passion and dedication and an unstoppable attitude to chase your dreams.

The four pillars in any successful body transformation is

1. Workouts (Strength training and HIIT cardio)

2. Proper Macros (Food and Nutrition)

3. Rest and Recovery

4. Patience

For me, what I believe is that food and nutrition plays a vital role in transforming your body. But I am not here to put a higher percentage on any one of these aspects as all these four pillars are equally important. You have to be consistent in all the top three pillars and patiently wait for the results. Never lose the motivation and keep pushing until you are satisfied with your new physique. Every human body is different and reacts in different way. There are no shortcuts for success and let me quote;

“Your Decisions Your Results”

Good Luck!!!