Do you feel tired? How you can recover from this fatigue…

It is rest that makes you stronger, because it is the rest that allows the muscles that you have broken down to heal and recover. It is the rest that allows you to recover so you can be strong, and thereby handle the increased weight, and increased number of sets and reps needed to gain further. Resting is just as important as working out because it’s an equal part of the total process required to build strength, endurance, and muscle… In fact strength training breaks down muscles causing tears in muscle tissues. Rest days allow your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue time to rebuild.

When you consider that most people spend only 4-10 hours a week working out (about 6% of your total available time each week), you can see that the vast majority of our time is spent in the rest and recovery phase. There are certain factors that affect recovery rates; Age, Experience, Psychological Factors, Replenishment of Nutrients, Efficiency of Waste Removal etc.

Hard training individuals will need between 6- 8 hours of sleep a night and most would benefit from an additional short nap of 30 minutes during the day as well. Those who do not get adequate sleep on a very consistent basis will compromise their recovery. Also, consider this cool- down period by taking 10 minutes after working out to do some light jogging and stretch you help to boost your recovery immediately. 

Massage is perhaps the oldest method of speeding recovery. It has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most accessible and useful methods available. Massage can be used to help speed recovery between sets as well as between training sessions. It is used to increase blood circulation, reduce muscular fatigue, lower excessive swelling, stretch muscle adhesions and increase lymphatic circulation.

Application of heat or thermotherapy is another form of recovery by simply talking a hot shower. Heat will increase the blood flow to the targeted area with clear benefits for waste removal and speeding the delivery of vital recovery nutrients (like amino acids and vitamins). But, make sure heat should not be used immediately after training or in the case of any injury then usually only after it is cured. 

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is another of the more popular and accessible therapeutic modalities. Its main benefit is localized pain relief without the aid of drugs. Cold therapy comes in a few forms, most commonly a cold bath or ice. It is suggested that you take a cold shower immediately after training.

The most important of all these but finally mentioning here is the Nutrition. Nutrition plays a huge role in the speed and completeness of recovery. Your body needs raw materials to repair and restore bodily systems stressed by training and without adequate nutrition those materials will not be available. Vitamins, Minerals, Water, Protein, carbs and Fats must all be present in proper amounts in order for the body to fully recover from training. 

Bottom Line: You have to listen to your body always. Your body will signal you; didn’t get proper rest and you are not recovered fully. Smart use of a few or preferably all of these modalities will result in what has been called by some “permanent recovery”. This is the point where your body is able to keep up with the demands of your training program and fatigue is minimized. 

Good luck!!!

Abdu Asi

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