Which is the best time of day to exercise? Some people do a cardio or play games early in the morning, others will have a workout during their shift break or lunch break, and majority will have a session at the gym in the evening. But is there a best time for exercise? Yes!!! And here is why ……

Do you like to get up early and see the “SUN RISE”!!! If you are planning for fat loss without weights and gym then early morning before breakfast will be the ideal time to work out. This is because when exercising before breakfast your body has to burn fat for fuel, as your glycogen stores will be depleted after a night of fasting. Sleep is considered as fasting stage and your body also burns fat while you are at sleep. Furthermore, if you are going out-door then you will get a good dose of Vitamin D as well. Exercising in the morning will also help to kick-start your metabolism and help to wake you up. The endorphins released early at the day have both mental and physical benefits will give a positive start and will make you alert at your work or studies throughout the day. Sounds good!!! Then Go ahead and jump start tomorrow morning.

While above mentioned are the better sides of morning workouts lets now discuss on late afternoon session. Considering the fact that everyone is not an early riser and due to job shift rotations many of you prefer to workout evening. The one advantage of late afternoon workout is that body temperature peaks in the evening, so your muscles will be warm and ready to go. When it comes to performance, late afternoon and early evenings are the best time to exercise. Also in the late afternoon there are higher levels of testosterone induced by exercise, plays a key role in the gaining of muscle. It is better to do strength training and HIIT exercise in the late afternoon or in the evening. For muscle building, it is best to have some meals to give your body energy to use at the gym. So if you are planning for evening gym session, by the time you might have already had 2 or 3 meals which will give you a nice pump. The body recovers and repairs itself at night while you are sleeping… Therefore, after an intense evening weight lifting session, a healthy post workout meal, your body should be ready to wind down just in time for a night of recreation and regrowth.

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Good Luck!!!

Abdu Asi

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