HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) V/S LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) CARDIO

These terms are already familiar among the fitness lovers. But, for a beginner and for those who are serious about Fat loss programme, better to understand the difference before you start doing these workouts.HIIT cardio is highly efficient ideal workout session for busy working professionals and those who are running with short of time. The HIIT is one of the best methods to burn fat at a faster ratio compared to steady state cardio or lower intensity cardio session. Various studies and research shows that after a HIIT session the fat burning mode is ON till 24 hours while a normal jogging or LISS cardio session burns no calories after your workout. This is because of the increase in metabolism and post exercise oxygen consumption. During a HIIT session, body depends on fat source as fuel and burns more total fat compared to LISS cardio.

The HIIT cardio based workout can be done on a treadmill or with a jumping rope and also can be done using kettle bell swings.I prefer sprints on treadmill with duration of 20 seconds sprint and 40 seconds rest time. You can do a 5 – 10 cycles depending upon your stamina level. Before adopting this method, make sure that you do a 5 minute warm up (low intensity jogging and stretching exercises) to avoid any injuries.If you are a beginner, I would recommend only trying sprints on treadmill at a lower intensity (speed 12-14 kmph) and when you advance further you can increase your speed.

Here are the few benefits of HIIT session over LISS cardio session. 

1. Perfect for those who are running with short of time.

2. Burns more fat at a faster ratio.

3. Lose weight and protect muscle.

4. You can do it anywhere. Treadmill not necessary.

5. Gives you an aesthetic physique.

Good Luck!!!

Abdu Asi

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